Spring it on, Michigan!

Untitled by Scott Glenn

Untitled by Scott Glenn

I don’t know about you, but even some snow & cold in the forecast can’t stop me from believing that spring is truly here! Scott got a lovely pic of some colorful crocuses. See more in his Flowers album on Flickr.


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Spring!, Photo by Joel Dinda

View Joel’s photo background bigtacular and then just lay back and watch his massive Flowers slideshow until you too believe in SPRING!

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Bring on the Spring!


Untitled, photo by Brooke Pennington

Brooke has our yearly dose of spring bokeh. Drink deep and wash those winter blues away!

View his photo bigger and see more in his slideshow.

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Set your background for Spring!

First Flowers of Spring

First Flowers of Spring, photo by Bill Dolak

Although this photo is from a year and two days ago, reports are starting to roll in of crocus sightings. That’s good enough for me – set a course for Spring, Warp 6!

Check it out background bigtacular and see more in Bill’s Flowers slideshow.

There’s more spring wallpaper on Michigan in Pictures and in case you were feeling wimpy after March, UpNorth Live reports that March 2014 was indeed a lion!

In the Month of March the average temperature for these cities were well below normal. March was 10 degrees below normal in Houghton Lake and 11 degrees below normal in Gaylord. This past March was the 3rd coldest on record in Alpena, and in both Gaylord and Houghton Lake it was the coldest on record!

Spring Bokeh


Untitled, photo by Brooke Pennington

I refuse to give the ice storm that’s outside my door any power.

Brooke takes some great shots of flowers – check this out on black, see more in his slideshow or here on Michigan in Pictures.

More about bokeh.

Crocus kind of mood


DSC08382, photo by ansonredford

Crocuses have to be one of my favorite flowers. In addition to being beautiful, they are also one of the leading harbingers of spring in Michigan!

Check this out background bigtacular, get yourself in a springtime mood with Donald’s Flowers slideshow and see more of his photos on Michigan in Pictures.

More flowers on Michigan in Pictures, and if you want to be particular, here’s just the crocuses!

The crocuses are coming, the crocuses are coming!

The crocuses are coming, the crocuses are coming!

The crocuses are coming, the crocuses are coming!, photo by Alissa Holland

Felt a little bad for failing to post anything about the spring equinox this year. As we are still under a blanket of snow up here in Traverse City and since I shared this hopeful sign, maybe I get a pass?

Alissa took this last Saturday, and she cautions you not to mistake the background for sky – it’s snow! See it on black and get your garden on in her how my  garden grows slideshow.

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