Frozen Map of Dawn


Frozen Map of Dawn, photo by Heather Higham

Heather writes: Ice formations trace a map in an inland lake’s surface as a mountain of pink clouds engulfs the sky.

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Mercurial Dawn II – Five Mile Point

Mercurial Dawn II - Five Mile Point (Hiawatha National Forest - Upper Michigan)

Mercurial Dawn II – Five Mile Point, photo by Aaron C. Jors

Aaron took this shot back in September of 2011 at Five Mile Point near Christmas, MI in the Hiawatha National Forest.

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PS: While I was trying to figure out just where this beautiful place is, I stumbled upon this video about Five Mile Point produced by the Great Lakes Center for Youth Development using student photos.

Zodiacal Light on Isle Royale

Zodiacal Light by Shawn Malone

Zodiacal Light on Isle Royale, photo by Shawn Stockman Lightseeker/Lake Superior Photo

The Earth Science Picture of the Day is pretty much my favorite photo blog. Regarding the Zodiacal Light, Rudi Dobesberger and blog curator Jim Foster wrote:

Zodiacal light is now thought to be caused by dust particles scattering sunlight in the orbits of comets. In both hemispheres it’s best observed in late winter/early spring after sunset and late summer/early fall before sunrise. However, it can be detected before astronomical twilight (morning) or after astronomical twilight (evening) at other times of the year as well, providing that the sky is quite dark.

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The photo above is from Shawn’s recent journey to Isle Royale. Follow her at Lake Superior Photo on Facebook and view and purchase many more photos – including a gallery of Isle Royale pictures –  on her website.