Happy Back Into the Woods Day 2021

Deer by James Marvin

Deer by David Marvin

While I have yet to get any elected officials on board with an official holiday declaration, I will once again wish all of you a very happy Back Into the Woods Day!

As longtime Michpics readers know, Back Into the Woods Day celebrates the end of Michigan’s annual firearm deer season making most of the state’s wild places off limits. Here’s hoping you get a chance to get outside this week or weekend … and that you see some of our many forest friends while you’re there!!

David took this photo last weekend at the Fenner Nature Center. Head over to his Flickr for more.

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Belle Isle Bambi

Deep Thoughts & Work Comps by Cave Canem

Deep Thoughts & Work Comps by Cave Canem

Reaching all the way back to November of 2007 for a sweet shot from one of my favorite photographers & Michigan in Pictures fans, Cave Canem. He no longer lives in Michigan, but regularly shares photos from other photographers in our Facebook group.  Check out more in his My Belle Isle gallery & have a great weekend!

Celebrate Michigan Photo Contest underway

a Belle Isle deer by Race Bannon

a Belle Isle deer by Race Bannon

The Detroit News Celebrate Michigan Photo Contest rewards outstanding photos of Michigan, its people and animals, with nine prizes of as much as $300 doled out at the end of the summer:

Each week, judges from the Detroit News photo staff will select 4 photo finalists, 16 total in each category over the entire contest period. At the end of the contest, The Detroit News photo staff judges will select one winner in each category. One People’s Choice winner in each category will be chosen by an online public vote, Aug. 20-24. Each of the six winners will receive $300.

At the end of the contest, three Awards of Excellence will be chosen by the Detroit News photo staff from the remaining finalists of all three themes, and will receive $100 each.

The Celebrate Michigan Photo Contest is open to non-professional photographers age 18 and older. All photos must have been shot in Michigan, with no significant alteration by a software program. More specifics can be found in the official contest rules.

Race gave me a heads up about the contest, so I went back to a favorite photo of mine that he took 15 years ago. See more in his My Belle Isle gallery.

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Be Yourself!

Albino Deer by Chryz Love

Albino Deer by Chryz Love

Just a little reminder from the natural world that it’s OK to be yourself & also to check out the new Michigan in Pictures Group on Facebook!! I created it so people can share photos with other readers for possible inclusion in Michigan in Pictures, and this was the first pic shared.

Chryz took it near Davidson. Click through to see it on Facebook & to check out other photos she’s shared in the group!!

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King of the Forest

king of the forest

King, photo by Andrew Inwood

Michigan’s firearm deer season starts today and runs through November 30th so remember to practice sensible precautions if you’re headed out for a walk in the wild. I’m still not sure why this day isn’t an official state holiday because it pretty much is up here in northern Michigan where I live!

Good luck to all you hunters in your quest to fill the freezer with what was a staple of Michiganders for thousands of years … and still is for many Michigan families.

Andrew took this back in November 2008 and asks you to note the broken point on this buck’s magnificent 10 point rack of antlers. View his photo bigger and see more in his excellent Whitetailed Deer slideshow.

More photos and information about whitetailed deer on Michigan in Pictures.

PS: I posted this early in case you’re out there waiting for the sun to rise. ;)



Summer White-tail

Summer Whitetail by Arnie Bracy

Summer Whitetail, photo by Arnie Bracy

Arnie quietly paddled his kayak closer to get this awesome shot of our state animal, the White-tailed deer on the shore of Hamlin Lake. View it bigger and see more in his Summer slideshow.

More white-tailed deer on Michigan in Pictures including this cool pic of a white-tail grabbing a drink in the fall.

A big smooch for Spring!

Spring Smooches

Kisses…, photo by Julie

All signs are pointing to Spring arriving in Michigan!

View Julie’s photo bigger and see more in her Wildlife slideshow.

Fawn Finding Forest Fast

Fawn Finding Forest Fast, photo by jdehmel

We’ve all heard of f-stops, but look at this fawn f-GO!! Here are a couple of fun fawn facts from Outdoor Life:

  • Fawns average 6-8 lbs. at birth
  • Fawns are capable of walking within a few hours
  • Does usually remain within 100 yards of their fawns
  • A 3-week-old fawn can outrun most danger
  • The average number of spots on a fawn is 300

View Jeff’s photo background bigtacular and see more in his slideshow.

More Michigan fauna and more summer wallpaper on Michigan in Pictures.

Opening Day 2013: Deer Trail Inn Edition

UP Marenisco Watersmeet MI RPPC 1930s The Deer Trail Inn Saloon & Restaurant DANCING COCKTAILS BEER LUNCHES RED CROWN STANDARD OIL GAS On US-2 Photographer UNK1

Deer Trail Inn Saloon & Restaurant on US-2, photo from UpNorth Memories – Donald (Don) Harrison

Today is Opening Day of the 2013 deer season, and if you’re a hunter I doubt you’re reading this. Almost all of Michigan is potentially open to hunting, so  take extreme care over the two weeks of the November 15-30 Deer Hunting Season.

Confession: I usually root for the deer.

The Toledo Blade reports:

The 2013 “Michigan Deer Hunting Prospects” summary — which is essentially the scouting report on the season – states that deer hunter success in Michigan is sometimes tied to just “being in the right place at the right time,” and that is often the result of being in the field at the peak of whitetail breeding activity. During that fall period, normally ultra cautious bucks will drop their defenses and be on the move much more often.

The state experts say that the 2012 deer season in Michigan was better than the previous year, with hunter success rates showing increases in the Upper Peninsula (UP) and Northern Lower Peninsula (NLP). “Slowly but steadily growing deer populations” in those areas in recent years are credited with improving the harvest.

More than 700,000 deer hunting licenses were purchased in Michigan in 2012, and close to 600,000 hunters took part in the regular firearm season. Overall, deer hunters spent 9.4 million days in the field in Michigan last year, and harvested 418,000 whitetails.

Read on for more and click for the 2013 Michigan Deer Hunting Prospects report.

Check the photo out background big and and check out Don’s massive collection of hunting photos and memorabilia!

A Fall Drink of Water


Doe, photo by sarah-nussbaumer

Here’s hoping your weekend holds a lot of autumn beauty … and a little bit of wonder.

Check it out bigger and see more in Sarah’s Autumn slideshow.

More fall photos on Michigan in Pictures.