Is this a Paddle, Raft, Plump, Team, Brace or Dopping of Ducks?


Swarm!, photo by OtisDude.

OtisDude writes:

I was shooting some duck pictures today when all the sudden something startled all the ducks. Calm to chaos in less than a second. I managed to snap off 4-5 pics before I got a little panicked and got out of the way.

We’ve all heard of the many Inuit names for snow. In case anyone was wondering, ducks are pretty much the same. There’s quite a collection of names for a group of ducks including a paddling of ducks or a raft of ducks (when floating along), a plump or team of ducks (in flight overhead), a brace of ducks (post hunting I believe) or a dopping of ducks (when diving). More ducks on Michigan in Pictures.

None of these seemed quite right but fortunately there’s also a flush of ducks, which I’m going to assume covers exactly this scenario.

Snow (and Ducks) on the Huron River


Huron, originally uploaded by John Baird.

Speaking of snow (of which Michigan has almost none right now), here’s a stunning photo by John Baird of snowier days on the Huron River.Click the photo, click “ALL SIZES” and look at the largest to get the full effect.

When he’s not taking pictures, John is a furniture designer.

More ducks in the Michigan in Pictures Duckie Project.