Today in Spoiler Alerts: July 3, 1776


Untitled, photo by Marvin Graves

I hope everyone has a great Independence Day weekend … though I suspect the Redcoats won’t.

View Marvin’s photo bigger and see more in his really great Fort Michilimackinac 2009 slideshow.

PS: If you ever get a chance to visit Colonial Michilimackinac in Mackinaw City, I heartily recommend it. Definitely one of Michigan’s coolest museums!

PPS: Love the Bridge peeking up just to the right of the flagpole.


Our votes remain

Grand Army of the Republic

Grand Army of the Republic, photo by Bill Dolak

The price of our democracy has been very high. Here’s hoping you can spend a little of your time today investing in it.

View Bill’s photo background big and see more in his Cemetery slideshow.

Happy Fourth of July, Michigan!

Balloon Festival, Howell, MI, June, 2008

Balloon Festival, Howell, MI, June, 2008, photo by Norm Powell (napowell30d)

If you’re needing any boost to your Independence Day attitude, I’m guessing this guy could help you out. Happy Fourth of July everyone!

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