Michigan Morning Magic

Morning by Emanuel Dragoi

Morning by Emanuel Dragoi

Simply gorgeous photo taken earlier this week by Emanuel. Head over to his Michigan gallery on Flickr for more & have a magical weekend!

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Fern Shadow

Fern Shadow, photo by Jay

Jay writes: While cutting my winter firewood I noticed this fern shadow cast on one of the cuts. So many beautiful things to see.

Indeed! View the photo background bigilicious, see more in his slideshow, and have a wonder-filled weekend!

Golden Mushroom

Mushroom by Kevin Povenz

Mushroom, photo by Kevin Povenz

Kevin says that Google suggests this mushroom is amanita flavoconia, putting it squarely in the “look but probably better not eat” category.

View it bigger and see more in Kevin’s Flowers/Plants slideshow.

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There’s One in Every Crowd

Theres One in Every Crowd

There’s one in every crowd!, photo by Tom Clark

Here’s hoping that you’re one of them in some way. Our differences are beautiful!

Tom got this shot of red pines set for harvesting in Alger. View it background bigtacular and see more in his Michigan Woodlands slideshow.

To Be In Green

To Be In Green

To Be In Green, photo by MightyBoyBrian

This photo is the current background for Absolute Michigan and cover photo for the Absolute Michigan Facebook. Brian shared it in our Michigan Cover Group on Flickr and I encourage you to do the same and also to get out and enjoy some of Michigan’s green glory this weekend!

Check this out background bigtacular and see more in Brian’s Nature slideshow.

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