Brought to you by the letter J … and the iPhone

Today's Photo is Brought to You by the Letter J (for Jetsetter)

Today’s Photo is Brought to You by the Letter J (for Jetsetter), photo by Matt Burrows

On January 9, 2007 Steve Jobs announced the iPhone. Within months, photography apps for Apple’s pocket computer with a crappy digital camera began showing up. Apps like Hipstamatic and Shake It made the phone’s resolution weakness tolerable and spawned a resurgent interest in the lomo ethic.

Here’s a nice article on apps to trick your iPhone out for a new year of photography.

Check Matt’s photo out big as Big Bird and see more in his iPhoneography slideshow.

A big step for Flickr

"Crickey! A Flickr in Its Natural Habitat"

“Crickey! A Flickr in Its Natural Habitat”, photo by Matt Burrows

Michigan in Pictures owes a whole lot to the photo sharing website Flickr. For starters, Flickr hosts the sprawling Absolute Michigan pool, the photo group with over 175,000 photos and 3300 members from where I draw most of the photos used. Flickr is also the web service that made me realize that a blog that featured photos from all kinds of people from over Michigan could work, and the unique social features mean that I learn a lot about Michigan from the photos that are added every day.

Yesterday Flickr made a major move, replacing their 100 photo limit on free photo hosting with a 1 terrabyte limit. While Flickr has lost its status as the leading photo site, it still has a huge number of users. It will be interesting to see if this move pushes them back to the top.

Matt has been one of my favorite photographers over the years for his unique and humorous vision, and it was great to find that he had the perfect photo! See it background big and view more in his Michigan slideshow.