The expectations of Fall

Fall Expectations by Fire Fighters Wife

Fall Expectations by Fire Fighter’s Wife

“You expected to be sad in the fall. Part of you died each year when the leaves fell from the trees and their branches were bare against the wind and the cold, wintery light … but you knew there would always be the spring, as you knew the river would flow again after it was frozen.”
― Ernest Hemingway, A Moveable Feast

As usual, Beth has a great photo/quotation pairing to start your day with! See more in her For the love of Camp! gallery on Flickr.

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M-119, Michigan’s Tunnel of Trees

M-119 - Michigan’s Tunnel of Trees by Dan Gaken

M-119 – Michigan’s Tunnel of Trees by Dan Gaken

A couple of weeks ago a shared a photo of a tunnel of trees. Several commenters informed me that it wasn’t the Tunnel of Trees. They are of course right as the M-119 Tunnel of Trees has long been one of Michigan’s best fall drives. It begins just north of Harbor Springs & continues for much of the 20 miles to Cross Village. Fall color remains really strong up north, so if you want to explore, head over to Pure Michigan for some great stops along the route!

Dan took this yesterday. See more shots on his Flickr & have a great day!

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Driving into fall on M-22

Tunnel of Trees by Mark Smith

Tunnel of Trees by Mark Smith

Here’s a great shot from Mark showing the current state of color on M-22 on the Leelanau Peninsula. You can check out a current map of Michigan fall color along with some photos on mLive.

This weekend will be amazing for fall color so get yourself up or outside this weekend!

Head over to downstreamer on Flickr for the latest from Mark.

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M marks the spot

Tri-Point M Marker by Jordan McAlister

Tri-Point ‘M’ Marker by Jordan McAlister

From the “Things I Didn’t Know Exist Until Right Now” Files comes this photo of the Tri-Point ‘M’ Marker at the spot where Steuben County, Indiana; Hillsdale County, Michigan; and Williams County, Ohio meet Jordan writes:

As seen from the southernmost point of Michigan and the northwest corner of Ohio where they meet the eastern border of Indiana The tri-point for these three midwestern states is clearly marked, and is accessible on N 1000 E Road, a less than one mile stretch of dirt road going south of Toledo Street/West Territorial Road. The Wolverine State seems to have been responsible for marking its letter in the middle of the unpaved roadway.

See more in Jordan’s Hillsdale County, Michigan gallery.

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Canopy of Color

Canopy of Color by Patton Photography

Canopy of Color by Patton Photography

Here’s a cool shot from way up on the Keweenaw Peninsula. See more in Patton Photography’s Michigan gallery on Flickr & have a great week!

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Snowy Barn

Red Barn … snowy’d, photo by Ken Scott

For all their possible danger when you’re driving too fast for the conditions, our winter roads can be lovely at the right speed!

View Ken’s photo bigger, see more in his Barns slideshow, and if you’re looking for a last-minute gift, how about his 2017 Best of the Back Pages calendar.

There’s more barns and more snow on Michigan in Pictures!

The Road Goes On


The Road Goes On, photo by Ann Fisher

Not. Giving. Up. On. Fall.

View Ann’s photo background big and see more in her 2016 U.P. slideshow.

Lots more fall wallpaper on Michigan in Pictures.

On Down the Road

On Down the Road

On Down the Road, photo by Doug Jonas

Miraculously, there’s still pockets of fall color out there, so how about one more before November closes in?

View Doug’s photo background bigtacular and see more in his amazing slideshow.

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