Time Travel Tuesday: Sunset Boulevard

Sunset Boulevard by Derek Farr

Sunset Boulevard by Derek Farr

Here’s a stunning shot of Detroit’s Michigan Avenue that was featured on Michigan in Pictures thirteen Novembers ago. See Derek’s latest on his Flickr.

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Bumper to Bumper


Tailgating, photo by Michael Seabrook

“Just pay attention when you’re behind the wheel. If you can’t drag yourself away from your cell phone, just lock it in the trunk.”
~ Lt. Michael Shaw, Michigan State Police

Here’s hoping that everyone who’s traveling this weekend (that’s 1.2 million Michiganders) can practice safe driving this weekend. Labor Day is our deadliest holiday – pay attention and please don’t drink & drive.

Michael took this shot of Two P-51s and a Spitfire flying in formation at the 2015 Thunder Over Michigan Air Show in Ypsilanti. He says the perspective makes them look closer than they really are. View his photo bigger and see more in his Airshows slideshow.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!