Leaving … for a little while


Leaving, photo by Christian Spencer

(but just to be clear, I’ll be back)

I wanted to let you all know that I’m about to embark on a little adventure to Central America for the next couple of weeks. To keep you company while I’m gone, I’ve selected a bunch of photos so you probably won’t notice much in the way of difference. I do apologize if something happens that makes a photo I scheduled seem tone deaf.

Anyway, enjoy my vacation!

View Christian’s photo background big and see more in his Strobist & Concert slideshow.

When in Doubt, Jump off a Cliff

When in Doubt Jump off a Cliff

When in Doubt, Jump off a Cliff, photo by shaleewanders

Through the magic of Twitter, I came across the website Shalee Wanders the other day. Created by Shalee Blackmer, it’s a really engaging site she created to inspire people (especially young people) to get out and enjoy traveling on a budget.

The post that drew me in was her Michigan Bucket List, a compilation with some photos of a lot of very fun things to do from to hiking the Porcupine Mountains to exploring the Detroit Packard Plant. Even better, there’s 250+ comments from people with more ideas for getting the most out of Michigan.

View Shalee’s photo from last summer near Marquette bigger and see more on her Instagram.

PS: I do feel that I need to point out that last summer Lake Superior was ice cold, making this leap especially impressive!