Interstate Falls on the Wisconsin – Michigan border

Interstate Falls on the Wisconsin - Michigan border by Tom Clark

Interstate Falls on the Wisconsin – Michigan border by Tom Clark

Tom shares, “Interstate Falls is an 18-foot waterfall on the Montreal River, along the Wisconsin / Michigan border, at the edge of the City of Ironwood, Michigan and Hurley, Wisconsin. A 0.3 mile trail through hardwood-hemlock forest leads to the falls, and is a popular attraction to residents and visitors of the Gogebic Range.”

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Wanna Swim There???

Wanna Swim There???/

Wanna Swim There???, photo by John Burzynski Photography

John snapped this on the shore in Manistee – I guess ambitions run high there! See it bigger and see more in John’s Beaches, Lighthouses slideshow.

PS: Because I know someone out there is wondering: Yes, people have swum across Lake Michigan:

Vicki Keith from Kingston, Ontario, Canada swam across Lake Michigan during the summer of 1988 as part of an event that saw her become the first person to swim across all five Great Lakes. She completed this task in a 2 month period and raised $548,000 to help kids with disabilities.

To date, Vicki hold’s 16 world records in marathon swimming, and has raised over $1,000,000 to help develop programs for kids with physical disabilities.

A number of other people have swum across Lake Michigan, including a fellow Canadian Paula Stephanson, and American Jim Dreyer. Jim Dreyer is from Byron Center, MI. He crossed Lake Michigan in 1991, from Two Rivers to Ludington, and raised money for the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America mentoring program. He got involved with the program when he was in his 20s.

Jim Dreyer followed triathlon rules as opposed to marathon swimming rules and therefore wore a wet suit for his crossing.

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