Grapes in Chateau Fontaine Vineyard

The Photos on Michigan in Pictures

The photos on Michigan in Pictures are all owned by the respective photographers and I can’t grant permission for their use or contact the photographers. You can follow the link to their web site and ask them directly.

Submitting Your Photos

Roughly 85% of the photos posted on Michigan in Pictures come from the Absolute Michigan pool on Flickr. You can also share your photos on the Michigan in Pictures Facebook, tweet them “@michpics” on Twitter or post to Instagram with the #michpics hash tag.

You can also email a link to the web page that the photo or photos are located on to Along with the link, state clearly that I may share the photo on Michigan in Pictures (non-exclusive). Professional photographers are welcome to share and I always try to give you good exposure and links back!

If the photo has an obtrusive watermark, I probably won’t share it. Likewise, I get hundreds of photos every week submitted, so please don’t be sad or discouraged if your photo isn’t featured.

18 Responses to “Michpics How-to”

  1. Coneys from Lafayette Coney Island/ Detroit, Mi


  2. Tama Ruttan Says:

    We are Michigan Photographers who specialize in Michigan photography. Our photos on our site are copyrighted. We sell prints for personal use (matted/framed) and for commercial use.


  3. Tama Ruttan Says:

    On our website you will see Michigan Lighthouses, Waterfalls, Bridges, etc. We love to take winter shots. You will have to come to our website to see how amazing Winter is in Michigan!! We are Michigan Photographers who specialize in Michigan photography. Our photos on our site are copyrighted. We sell prints for personal use (matted/framed) and for commercial use.


  4. I am a photographer in Northern Michigan. Several of my photos are now in print on postcards. They are all copyrighted by me. Please take a look at:
    Once there my name is on the left hand side: Teresa Mizgala.

    thank you!


  5. I am a professional photographer in the Grand Rapids area. I recently was featured
    in Michigan History Magazine’s coverage of President Ford’s Funeral in Grand
    Rapids. Feel free to view it at
    Or you can view images of downtown Grand Rapids as well –
    take a look at the new Grand Rapids skyline!

    Let me know how I can help contribute to you blog!


  6. I am a photo editor looking for a good venue to find specific images from Michigan photographers on a regular basis to be used in Michigan History magazine. It’s always a challenge trying to find just the right images because it is difficult to know who might have what photos and how to contact them. Would anyone (professional photographers only) be interested in joining an email list to receive a monthly list of images we are looking for? Then if you have such an image in your collection you could respond? Your feedback is appreciated.


  7. Dian Hosmer Says:

    Would like to find out where to purchase watermelon umbrellas. Please?


  8. Keith Termaat Says:

    How do we get permissions to use selected photos on our website under construction. We are a Michigan not for profit community service corporation (The Milton Neighbors)in Antrim County, Michigan


  9. michpics Says:

    Hi, if you want to use any photo on Michigan in Pictures for any use, you have to directly contact the photographer (follow the links).


  10. Hi – I like your photo blog. Take a look at my Flickr page if you like. Lots of Ann Arbor MI pictures.


  11. Betty Gross Says:

    While I’m not a resident of Michigan, I do spend as much time there as I can. You’ll find boatloads of Michigan photos on my website: and I’d be thrilled to share them with those who appreciate the scenery.


  12. kecia Says:

    Tama Ruttan I went to your site and the link to your lighthouses is not working. Overall, your site is very creative and fun.


  13. Betty Gross Says:


    It could be that the site was experiencing a bit of maintenance or high traffic – please feel free to try again very soon!


  14. […] a bonus:  One of my very favorite blogs, Michigan in Pictures, has integrated Flickr into their site. Their beautiful photos have alerted me to some […]


  15. Harriet Adelstein Says:

    I am interested in purchasing a winter light house picture of South Haven light house – how can I do that? For example, the one featured here from Oct 2008. How do I find the website of the photographer? thanks.


  16. […] common question is “How do I get my photos on Michigan in Pictures?” You can click here for the long answer, but the short answer is that most of the photos come from the Absolute […]


  17. Mitch Moore Says:

    Please send me daily those fantastic pictures of Michigan


  18. farlane Says:

    There’s a link at the top right to subscribe. Fun fact – you are the 8,000th subscriber to Michigan in Pictures!


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