Lines on a September Morning

Lines on a September Morning by TP Mann

Lines on a September Morning by TP Mann

TP shares, “The beauty of a cool September morning as the lines on the field and the fog hovering over make for visual pleasures. Another beautiful morning found along the Breezeway.” See more in his Along the Breezeway gallery & have a great week everyone!

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Field, Flowers, Farm

Field of Flowers at the Farm by Robert F Carter

Field of Flowers at the Farm by Robert F Carter

“Sometimes I do get to places just when God’s ready to have somebody click the shutter.”
– Ansel Adams

Robert took this back in August of 2015. He shared this perfectly apt quotation from Ansel Adams on his profile & about this photo he writes:

While visiting a local farm market in Petoskey, Michigan, I was drawn to their crop of flowers next to their driveway. The flowers in the foreground are Bachelor’s Buttons. The road that curves through the hilly terrain can be seen near the barn in the distance.

See more in his My Petoskey gallery on Flickr & for sure check out his website.

More from Petoskey on Michigan in Pictures!

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(Tiny) Home for Sale

Home for Sale! by Fire Fighter's Wife

Home for Sale! by Fire Fighter’s Wife

Like much of the rest of the country, Michigan has been seeing skyrocketing home prices.

Beth may have found a solution, but she notes that the neighbors always leave their sprinklers on, which is a little bit annoying but also a source of constant irrigation. 😂 See more in her landscape gallery on Flickr!

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A Tree in the Fog

A Tree in the Fog by Joel Dinda

A Tree in the Fog by Joel Dinda

Joel took this photo 7 years ago in Eaton County’s Roxand Township. I’ve shared it before, but it’s too good not to share again! See more in his Fog & Mist gallery on Flickr.

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Autumn Pasture

Autumn Pasture by paulh192

Autumn Pasture by paulh192

Paul captured a gorgeous fall scene last week. See what he’s found lately on his Flickr!

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Sunflower Sunset

Sunflowers at Liefde Farm

Sunflowers at Liefde Farm

I guess it’s Sunflower Season on Michigan in Pictures! Rapid Growth Media shared the story of of the sunflowers that are drawing folks to Liefde Farm in West Michigan:

Tucked away on a quiet stretch of country road in Olive Township, amid barns and lush green crops flourishing in the midsummer heat, is a field of golden yellow that pops in the evening sun.

Lindsey Dykstra, owner of Liefde Farm, has planted hundreds of sunflowers on a stretch of land behind her home. It’s easy to miss this sight while traveling along 104th Avenue, just south of Fillmore Street, as the flowers are hidden behind her barn.

But word has spread, and Dykstra’s quiet property, at 9400 104th Ave., is alive with a steady stream of visitors these days. She, her husband, Kevin, and her two children enjoy sitting outside and watching the photographers and happy families gathering for pictures.

“It’s nice to see people enjoy it,” Dykstra says with a smile, noting the many places that are closed due to public health concerns. “This is kind of a safer option because you can be outside.”

You can read on for more & definitely head over to the Farm’s Facebook page for more pics & information on visiting.

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Sunday Night on Lavender Hill

Sunday Night on Lavender Hill by Gary Ennis Photography

Gary says that the bees were busy at Lavender Hill Farm near Boyne City the other night. See it bigger on Facebook!

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Interference by Bill Dolak

Bill captured this interesting abstract of the lines made by two center-pivot irrigators in a soybean field near Vicksburg. See more in his massive Michigan: Kalamazoo County album & a lot more of his photography in our Michigan in Pictures group on Facebook!

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Four Horsepower Plow


Amish Farmer Plowing, photo by James Korringa

James took this photo of an Amish farmer plowing his field early Friday morning near Stanton. View it bigger and be sure to check out his Amish Barn Raising slideshow!

Today’s the Day for the Michigan Apple Crunch!


apples, photo by Diane Greene Lent

A Healthier Michigan is a pretty cool blog with some state-specific tips for better health. Their post on the annual  Michigan’s Apple Crunch Day (Thursday, October 13)  says that every October, schools, organizations, and businesses bite into Michigan apples on the same day, setting records for apples eaten.

It’s a partnership between the Michigan Department of Education, Michigan Farm to School, Cherry Capital Foods and Cultivate Michigan as a reminder of the importance of agriculture and knowing where your food comes from. Last year 400,000 people in Michigan ate a Michigan-grown apple on Apple Crunch Day!

The Michigan Apple Committee notes that with 11.3 million apple trees covering 35,500 acres on 825 family-run farms, Michigan is the nation’s third largest producer of apples!

View Diane’s photo of apples overlooking Grand Traverse Bay background big and see more in her Best 2012 slideshow.

Here’s a video with photos from last year’s Apple Crunch by Cherry Capital Foods!