The Detroit Red Wings and Hockeytown skate towards to Stanley Cup

April 13, 2007


Champs, photo by my new clever name.

Wikipedia’s Detroit Red Wings page says that the Wings have won ten Stanley Cups, top among U.S. based teams, and third most in NHL history. With all those Cups and a rich heritage that includes names like Gordie Howe and Steve Yzerman, it’s no wonder they boast a fan base that’s among the most passionate – and certainly most octopus rich – in pro sports.

Check out, Absolute Michigan keyword “red wings”, the Detroit Red Wings group and more Red Wings photos on Flickr.

…and do, do click to the large view of the photo above to get your desktop in shape for the Cup run!

3 Responses to “The Detroit Red Wings and Hockeytown skate towards to Stanley Cup”

  1. bugsy Says:

    Go wings! This year is the best chance the wings will have since their last championship! Go Wings! Bring it home. I have a pretty big hunch we’ll make it to the finals. But what if it’s against a Michigan native like Ryan Miller?


  2. Jonah Says:

    Wings Rock They r gonna beast Everyone thiis Year!!


  3. Lestat5546 Says:

    We did it 2008 STANLY CUP CHAMPS BABY. We got to take it home to hockeytown. GO WINGS GO!

    BTY props to pins they gave it there all. Thanks for a great playoff.



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