Close Encounter on Lake Charlevoix

Close Encounter by Liz Glass

Close Encounter, photo by Liz Glass

Liz took this back in May of 2011 at Glenwood Beach on Lake Charlevoix in Boyne City. View it bigger and see a ton more of her Lake Charlevoix photos on Flickr.

PS: If you’re in Boyne City and looking for good things to eat, visit Liz at the Lake Street Market!

14 thoughts on “Close Encounter on Lake Charlevoix

  1. Where is the story . I can’t even make out what the picture is. Why have me click on this picture for an amazing story and then have NOTHING ?


  2. Um. It’s a photo. Of the beach along Lake Charlevoix. I think if you look back you will see that sometimes I post photos simply for the sake of art.


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