Speed limits (and probably fatalities) going up in Michigan

September 13 – Stars and Cars Part 4, photo by Andrew Pastoor

I was on the fence about posting this, but after I found this cool photo I just had to! Michigan Radio reports that a new law directing the Michigan Department of Transportation to increase speed limits to 75 miles an hour on up to 600 miles of rural highways in the state will have consequences:

Russ Rader of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety says there’s decades of research proving that more people will die as a result. For every five miles’ increase in the speed limit on interstates and highways, says Rader, fatal crashes increase 8%.

He says Michigan is not alone; many other states are also raising speed limits. He says very high speeds cancel out the life-saving features on cars like seat belts and front air bags.

“In 2013 alone, speed limit increases resulted in about 1900 additional deaths,” says Rader. “That would essentially cancel out the number of lives saved that year from front air bags.”

Read on for more and get more about the law from mLive, It will go into effect following studies.

View the photo bigger and see more in Andrew’s Project 365 | 2014 slideshow,

5 thoughts on “Speed limits (and probably fatalities) going up in Michigan

  1. And in 2016, highway deaths increased 6%. But let’s not overlook the fact that higher driving speeds result in increased gasoline consumption, which results in more profits for oil companies. And we know where Lansing’s priorities lie.


  2. Well, I have always driven the highways of Michigan as I drive anywhere. (now in a Prius- but previously in a huge Buick) – at around 70 mph if that is within the posted limit. Faster than that – I feel that I am aiming, not driving, my car. I figure – stay in the right land and go the speed at which I am comfortable. The zoomers can simply go around me. So far, MI trucks are the fastest in the driving area I cover though – wow. But for the most part – they are good drivers. It is the impaired drivers I fear (drunk, doped, texting (etc) – and sleepy). At 74, I hope to be driving for a long time yet – at the speed I prefer – which has been my speed for nearly 50 years ….sensibly and within the limit I can handle. Great photo – wow and a very pertinent article too. Bless you! Jean


  3. Accidents and fatalities go up, as does fuel usage, which leads to dependency on foreign oil. We went through the whole thing in the 70’s and have a lot of data from there.


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