…I’m Just The Messenger – Coleman, Michigan

February 29, 2008

...I'm Just The Messenger - Coleman, Michigan

…I’m Just The Messenger – Coleman, Michigan, photo by jfactor1.

Just wondering what goes through someone’s mind just before they shoot a sign.

Any thoughts?

5 Responses to “…I’m Just The Messenger – Coleman, Michigan”

  1. Jenny Says:

    I’m guessing, being from a very small town myself, that it has something to do with boredom, possibly alcohol, and being a teenager.


  2. Jenny Says:

    It is a beautiful photo, though. That tiny starburst is fantastic.


  3. AmyO Says:

    “Ready, aim”…


  4. JohnBoy Says:

    I think they were getting the sunset or sunrise through the BULLET hole.


  5. The Brit Says:

    As a Brit I would say “Bugger, I’ve come all this way down miles of bumpy track to a beautiful place and some officious sod has to tell me the obvious” BLAM!


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