The Capture Main Street Michigan Project from the Michigan Production Alliance

Downtown Houghton by aragirn

Downtown Houghton, photo by aragirn

Kyle has tons more photos of Houghton and the Keweenaw and some of his best are on his photo gallery at

The Michigan Production Alliance is a trade organization that seeks to encourage a more stable financial environment for Michigan film and video production companies, freelancers and support services. The best way to do that is of course to get more movies filmed in Michigan. To that end, they have launched the Capture Main Street Michigan Project:

The idea is to capture ALL Michigan’s cities and towns main streets so they can be shown to producers of commercials and feature films – and entice them to SHOOT MICHIGAN!

We can’t do this alone. So we’d like to shout out to all MI Photogs and location scouts. We will give all photogs name credit as well as a hyperlink to a website. The photos can and should be low rez, named for location, city, county. and of course photog name, email, etc.

What we are looking for are shots of Main Street Blocks that show the architecture of city buildings, the flavor of the city. Day or Night – Any Season…

You can go to their web site above to email it to them and if you’re on Flickr, they have created a Capture Main Street Project group where you can share your photos. More about Michigan film& movies at the Michigan Film Office.

One thought on “The Capture Main Street Michigan Project from the Michigan Production Alliance

  1. Thank you folks for putting this highlight up and to Kyle for allowing us use of this nice image. The Michigan Production Alliance project hopes to make it easy for commerical or feature filmakers to find great places to use as locations throughout the state.
    As residents, we just need to consider becoming or adding a ‘film or creative culture to the way we think. If we can get films into any part of Michigan the economy benefits in many ways. More information can be found on our website.

    Thanks again

    M Adler
    Michigan Production Alliance


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