Full Color in the Keweenaw and at Haven Falls

Haven Falls

Haven Falls, photo by dcclark.

This morning the folks at Pasty.com emailed me to say that the Keweenaw doesn’t get much more colorful than this and that they’re:

…hearing that it’s peak or just past-peak with the changing leaves UP North here, but whatever you call it, our surroundings look like someone took out a paintbrush and went to work coloring the Copper Country. If you haven’t already had a chance to go for a color tour, you’d better hurry, because the show won’t last forever.

Click over to Pasty.com to see some photos from Joe Kirkish and check it out every day for great shots from the Pasty Cam!

GoWaterfalling.com says that Haven Falls is

…a very scenic falls located in a small county park near the shores of Lac La Belle. This waterfall is very symetrical. Haven Falls is very similar looking to Jacob’s Falls, but Haven Falls is considerably steeper. It is possible that there are more drops above Haven Falls just as the are additional drops above Jacob’s Falls, but I did not explore.

Visiting this waterfall is very easy. It is visible from the road and the falls is only a few hundred feet from the parking area…

Haven Falls is a bit out of the way. But then again, the entire Keewenaw peninsula is a bit out of the way. The park is on the north side of Lac la Belle Road on the north west shore of Lac la Belle.

David has thoughtfully posted this photo background boomtacular. Check out more photos from David in his Fall slideshow and on his photo-a-day blog, Cliffs and Ruins.

Michigan in Pictures has lots more Fall wallpaper and a sweet fall color tour of the The Keweenaw Peninsula (Houghton, Eagle River, Copper Harbor).

4 thoughts on “Full Color in the Keweenaw and at Haven Falls

  1. Thanks for featuring me!

    Haven falls does have at least one more small drop, above this level. It’s not like Jacob’s Falls though, where the entire stream is basically made of waterfalls!


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