Project Tim

This space originally contained a photo by Detroit area artist Tim and the last name of “Man, do I not want to promote or support the art of Michigan’s truly insufferable artists.”

He’d rather you don’t see it here and believe me, I am more than happy to oblige.

In What is Project Tim?, Crain’s Detroit Business explains that a mystery company has amassed 850 acres in land options to build a $5 billion industrial facility that could be the largest manufacturing plant in the country:

The massive project is dubbed “Project Tim” in a document the company provided to local government and economic officials, who have vowed to keep the company’s name and industry a closely-held secret while the land is being assembled.

The document says the industrial development is being pursued by a “small group of globally leading companies and experts” who want to build a 24 million-square-foot facility that would be “the greenest facility of its kind anywhere in the world.”

“As of this time we cannot share details on the precise nature of Project Tim,” according to the document, which the city of Durand has been distributing to residents. “… It will be a high-tech industrial development unlike anything that you have probably ever seen before.”

The company’s document describes a massive manufacturing facility unlike anything in Michigan — in terms of size — that promises to create 800 full-time jobs in “Phase 1.”

The document describes a sprawling facility 6,200 feet long and 3,900 feet wide that would top 550 acres in size. (A square mile is 640 acres.) If built, the plant being proposed in Durand would be 50 percent larger than the 16 million-square-foot Ford River Rouge Complex. It also would be bigger than the tiny 499-acre nation of Monaco along France’s Mediterranean coast.

You can see the photo background bigilicious and see more in Scott’s Detroit Industrial Gallery slideshow.

21 thoughts on “Project Tim

  1. Tim Burke is a long time friend of mine. I hope the photographer has talked to Tim and gained permission to take photos.


    1. Tim commented on the photo and the photographer has correctly identified him as the artist, so I assume so. If not, Tim will probably say something to me.


      1. I didn’t leave a comment as to the use of my artwork promoting project Tim
        Scott we have serious copy right isssues to clear up especialy when using images of my artwork to promote somebody else’s business. My telephone number is 313-742-1800. I don’t know how to get a hold of you I’ll look for you on Facebook


  2. The only thing it was promoting was you, Mr Burke. I had forgotten what an insufferable person you are though. I have removed your photo, and replaced it with text that you will hopefully find more to your liking.


    1. Thank you for the confession,as you are projecting your own behavior as insufferable, you lied to my friend when she brought it to your attention, that this image was of my artwork. you were not promoting the artwork of Tim Burke, you were promoting your own blog as well as the Tim project, which has nothing to do with my artwork, so rather than admit that you’re wrong for not contacting me as an artist and sing hey what do you think about this Tim you took it upon yourself to use image of my artwork too promote your blog about the temperature it’s not the timber project and some other project. It’s all that junk that you wrote about me contacting you you should be ashamed of yourself you have no regard or respect for other artists work you sir are the insufferable one, that you would throw such a hissy fit when an artist takes issue with how they want their artwork portrayed or not.


    2. Thank you for the confession, as you’re projecting your own childish insufferable behavior, you lie to my friend when she brought it to your attention, that this image was of my artwork, you’re not promoting the artwork of Tim Burke, you were promoting your own blog as well as the Tim project, which is nothing to do with my artwork, if you were promoting my artwork you would’ve done a blog on my artwork not on somebody else’s business venture, so rather than admit that you’re wrong for not contacting me, as an artist, and saying hey Tim what do you think about this Tim project and me using and image of your artwork in my blog, you could give a rats ass I’ll someone else feels about their own artwork being used to promote someone else’s blog, or business you should be ashamed of yourself, by leaving the reply that you did on your blog, which states this space originally contained a photo of Detroit area artist Tim and the last name of man do I not want to promote or support the art of Michigan’s truly insufferable artists, that is childish and immature on your behavior, the grown-up response an ethical response is to say oh hey sorry Tim, I wasn’t thinking of you at all I was more concerned with my blog about the Tim project. As a visual artist I have a right say how my artwork is used and you and your weak ego are offended by that. Grow up.


  3. Here’s how Andrew replies to people, when they let him know that they don’t want images of their artwork promoting articles that have nothing to do with their artwork. he tries to belittle and bully people, Heres one of his vile responses.well actualy it is a reaction of a ten year old Bully not a response of an adult. My apologies. In the age of Trump I fight with a lot people online.

    Your combination of being an asshole and being really fucking dumb were kind of irresistible.


    1. So this is Andrews reaction, to me asking him not to use my image to promote anything other than my artwork and my art process. The immage he used of my artwork has nothing to do with the article inquestion. He resorts to name calling me an ass hole and being a really fucking dumb, i am viewing this as a confession on his part. Thank you for the confession andrew.


      1. In my defense, you are both an a-hole and really dumb. You rolled in here, guns blazing and suddenly I recognized you – the same jerk who came after me for posting a photo of your house to my own Flickr page. I was as mad at myself for forgetting your name considering how much time you wasted with your raving threats that time.

        If you could understand that the responsibility of others is not to cater to you, that would be fantastic, but in any case, I still would like you to go away and not come back.


  4. You have no defense to your imature Bullying,Contrary and thank you for the confession. the smoking gun is in your hand. the photo you posted of my studio you had labeld as The Heidelberg Project and i simple asked if you would change the attribution, which again sent your Ego into a tailspin and you went into a hissy fit then. there were no threats from me at all there was plenty of belitiling by you as you have also demonstrated on here with your foul mouthed Schoolyard Bullying.the responsibility is on you to not use images of an artist work to promote a blog article that has nothing at all to do with that artist’s artwork aand that is what you need to understand, fair use law does not cover using images of my artwork to bring attention to your blog. my artwork is very powerful image wise and is eye candy that grabs the veiwer,and draws them in to your lame article.You were enamored enough by my artwork that you used it to bring attention to your love my artwork , but you do not have perission to breach my copyright by using it out of contexct, i posted that we need to have a discussion as to the use of the image of my artwork and that is when the Bullying began. So take a hike yourself, with your foul mouthed Bullying


      1. I don’t want to continue to engage you, but I do want to be very clear about what happened since you’ve laid down a lot of BS.

        I saw that you had commented on the Flickr photo, so I knew you were aware that your photo was on Flickr and that as an account holder, you knew that photos on Flickr could be blogged.

        You accused me of lying and hijacking your art to promote myself or this Tim Project which I had learned about that very morning. You didn’t read the article, have no idea what this blog is about, and are only here because you have a very weird, proprietary, and oxymoronic idea of what public art is.

        Your comments and messages continued in an antagonistic vein. I got sick of your BS and told you in no uncertain terms what an absolute ass and idiot I think you are based on this and a previous encounter with you which I had forgotten.

        I am happy to share that with my readers as a public service, and I am happy to leave you alone as soon as you go away.


      2. You say you will leave me alone but you can send me to engage, you lied to my friends and said I commented on them photo when she questioned it being on your blog she wasn’t questioning it about being on Twitter when she questioned it being on your blog she wasn’t questioning it about being on flckr she was questioning you about the use of it on your blog for your story about the Tim project which I did read and has nothing to do with my artwork, irregardless where my images show up because I can’t control that I have copyright and that image is copy written with the United States copyright office it can be used for educational purposes that are directly related to the image not to your story about the Tim project, you’re the one who became antagonistic I would have preferred to talk on the phone I left you my number instead you started spewing all kinds of vinyl mouth profanity to protect your ego it’s a schoolyard bully tactic now go away and leave me alone and stop antagonizing me our last encounter was when you put another artist name and the name of their organization on my artwork and then tried to blame me for not having signage on my studio and I did have signage on my studio again go away and leave me alone


      3. You say you don’t want to engage and then you continue to engage you sound like you’re drunk


  5. Again, I did not lie to your friend. I saw you had commented on your photo on Flickr and that it was still there, so I (incorrectly) assumed that you were OK with it being on Flickr and all that entails.

    You are still on my blog, demonstrating your idiocy. You won’t get the last word here – trust me – I come here every day.


  6. Strange that I sound drunk to you given my shorter answers and ability to spell. Still my blog, you’re still not going to get the last word, go away.


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