Waterfall Wednesday: Tannery Falls

Olson Tannery Falls by Charles Bonham

Olson Tannery Falls by Charles Bonham

As you probably already know, GoWaterfalling is my go-to site for Michigan waterfalls. Their entry for Tannery Falls includes a map and says:

Tannery Falls is in Munising, off of H-58. It is not as well advertised as the larger Munising Falls, but as a result it is somewhat wilder and less visited. Like other waterfalls in the area, it suffers from a lack of water in the summer.

…I was there on a rainy day in May, and even then there was not a whole lot of water flowing over the falls. One interesting thing about this waterfall is that a relatively recent cave in has blocked the creek just below the falls, forcing the creek back behind the falls along and under the edge of the gorge.

This falls is remarkably close to the MNA Memorial Falls, and can be easily reached from that waterfall.

Charles took this earlier in October. You can view the latest on his Flickr & he’s also got a view of the falls from the front!

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