South Manitou Island

August 16, 2006

South Manitou Island by rdmegr

South Manitou Island by rdmegr

When I logged on briefly last night to see what photos had been added during the day. Just about the first thing I saw was this amazing photo of South Manitou Island from the air. In addition to the freighter, the photo clearly shows the beautiful natural harbor that made South Manitou an early Great Lakes settlement and the North Manitou Shoal lighthouse (aka “the Crib”). As much as I love the maritime history of the Manitou Passage, the coolest thing for me is that I very clearly recall hearing the plane fly past just after 6 PM on Sunday evening.

The photo is part of Daytrip to Mackinac Island, a set of photos that also includes photos of the Island, Straits of Mackinac, the Mackinac Bridge and Sleeping Bear Dunes.

One Response to “South Manitou Island”

  1. Gael Tryles Says:

    Fantastic photo of a beautiful island !!! Thankyou for sharing this shot. Gael Tryles


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