The Salmon Trout River on the Yellow Dog Plains

The Salmon Trout River on the Yellow Dog Plains

The Salmon Trout River on the Yellow Dog Plains, photo by savethewildup.

Somewhere there are lines, and I’m pretty sure that today I will cross a few. Over the life of this blog, I have stayed away from things that have sides, because sides too often divide us and this blog is really all about loving Michigan.

In my day job, I build web sites. A short while ago, I and some really talented people put together a new site for some people that have spent the last few years at a hard and lonely task: speaking up and standing up for Michigan’s rivers and lakes against the terrible risks posed by metallic sulfide mining and acid mine drainage.

They have been focused on the Salmon Trout River on the Yellow Dog Plains, but that is just the first of many that will follow. To be very clear: There has never been a metallic sulfide mine that has failed to pollute its watershed. You can read more from Save the Wild UP … and scroll down for a special treat featuring tons more photos and music from Greg Brown’s upcoming CD, Yellow Dog.

More photos of the beauty of the Yellow Dog Plains and Salmon Trout River can be seen at Save the Wild UP’s web site.

If you are a photographer who loves Michigan’s water and wild, please consider making them available to be used in fighting metallic sulfide mining and other threats to Michigan’s legacy of unspoiled water and add them to the Save the Wild UP photo pool.

Greg Brown, Yellow Dog slide show (or new window)

8 thoughts on “The Salmon Trout River on the Yellow Dog Plains

  1. Beautiful photo of The Salmon Trout River. Best of luck to Save The Wild UP in its efforts. Metallic sulfides are the hardest to mitigate in the environment.


  2. There are some very beautiful pictures here, but I was wondering how I go about getting permissions to use certain ones. Finding the contact information is proving to be quite difficult!

    I’m a recent graduate of MSU in Environmental Biology and Zoology, and seeking to go into environmental conservation through the organization of grassroots campaigns. A potential employer wishes for me to submit a writing sample regarding an issue, which I have decided will be the Salmon Trout River.

    Since I will be compiling information for this sample essay, I’ll also be compiling a few letters to state representatives in defense of the Salmon Trout River. It would be wonderful to be able to intersperse a photo or two with my letters to help develop a bit of empathy for the river – it is all too easy to be detached from something you have never seen.

    Please email me back at bmwatson AT msu DOT edu with any information you think might be helpful to me in getting the proper permissions and photo credits.


  3. I love the UP and it’s natural beauty. I can’t believe stories like this. I would like to help and visit this area when I travel this spring. Can anyone help me find this area so I can take pictures and add them to my online journal to help this cause. Is this on private property?

    Thank you!


  4. Hi thoseguys,
    I’m a photographer/writer based in Kalamazoo, MI. I used to live in Marquette, which is close to the yellow dog plains area. Currently I’m researching an article about the proposed acid mine in the Yellow Dog Plains area. I believe it is public property but Kennecott Co. bought the mineral rights. I don’t know where you’re from but you can easily find the area in the UP if you have a county map guide. A county map guide is a good source of info for planning a trip. Also check out the waterfalls in the UP. It’s funny I ran across you today.
    Regards, E


  5. Hi Ellen, I will definitely get my hands on a couple maps up there and make some plans this spring.

    I enjoy just camping and fly fishing the whole time and of course capturing it all with my camera. Looking forward to the trip already. Any other ideas of rivers or lakes to fish while I’m there?


  6. Hi thoseguys,
    Well, there’s a million lakes up there, and apparently they are better to fish than the rivers (gossip I have heard!) I can’t really pin point anything special, but you’ll have a great adventure regardless.


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